Who we are

Founded in 2009, we have worked closely with clients in various industries to develop creative solutions in investment strategies, business development and valuations, sustainability, and succession planning.  

Shane Deerman  M.B.A. C.F.M BS
Chief Executive Officer 
Jennifer Deerman M.B.A. 
Chief Valuations and Strategy Officer

I am the Founder and CEO of EVO CONSULTING LLC.  Since 2009, I have worked with clients and groups in various projects, investments, succession plans and retirement, advisory capacities.   I have traveled the country, and the world, specializing in helping clients identify problematic areas in finance, operational efficiencies, product differentiation, retirement and succession strategies and sustainability.  I have served clients in multiple industries around profitability and sustainability concerns.  I've had the privilege of holding various leadership roles within family organizations, as a facilitator and change agent. 
I am a managing partner of Kingdom Advance Global Ministries and founding member of Guardian Promise, serving ministers and churches in retirement and succession planning.

 I am Chairman of the Advisory Board for Sustainability for Global Teen Challenge and a member of the boards of directors at Metanoia Missions.  One of my passions is exploring the attributes of exceptional organizations, and helping people connect with purpose. I believe particularly in the importance of a well-articulated and lived workplace culture of purpose.
I earned a BS from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, a Masters of Business Administration from TCU, as well as a Certificate of Financial Management from Cornell University.  I am passionate about people building, global travel,  family, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals.  

 As a serial entrepreneur, I have owned businesses in retail, real estate, manufacturing and consulting.  I have worked with clients internationally to valuate investment opportunities in multiple countries. 

I currently teach Real Estate Law and Valuations as an adjunct professor at the TCU Neeley School of Business.  Additionally, I serve as the Executive Director of The Advisory Board for Sustainability for Global Teen Challenge. I formerly served on the Salvation Board of Directors, Arlington Texas and worked helped to usher in the YET Program in Arlington in collaboration with Dallas Cowboys Chairman, Charlotte Jones Anderson.  


I currently hold an MBA from TCU and started my coursework in a Doctorate of Business Administration at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.  

I am passionate about helping educate people on the subjects of property and business valuations as well as generational succession planning of family owned businesses.