PROJECT 1 Water for Sustainability GTC Africa

We are honored to work alongside the Global Teen Challenge Team Africa to look at sustainability.   GTCA helps rehabilitate drug addicts and women and children caught up in prostitution in over 1400 locations worldwide.  They have the highest success rate with addicts, according to the U.S. White House Administration. We have developed a corporate strategy and capital budget that will enable GTCA to train their graduates in a trade while addressing a critical issue growing in Africa, namely clean drinking water.  GTCA will, in effect, provide drilling services in the African countries where clean water is a critical issue.  By positioning GTCA as the contractor for hire, they can generate revenues to support the organization while providing a service that is bringing clean drinking water to some of the most impoverished countries on the planet. 

PROJECT 2 Product Innovation for Eng. at the Brenner Tunnel Austria

We worked strategically with Engineering and OEM clients to develop a capital budget as well as product solution that was environmentally conscious, protecting the pristine landscape of the majestic Austrian Alps while enabling the Tier 1 contractor to increase production by as much as 30%.  The rugged terrain where the construction site is located, nestled deep in the Italian-Austrian Alps, along with the unpredictable weather, created unique challenges.  When completed, Brenner will be the longest rail tunnel in the world.